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Shoulderless carrying

The HipGö connects itself to the sides of the baby carrier and goes around the wearer's back. To adjust tension and support, tighten the straps on both sides. The baby needs to be able to sit up by himself before the HipGö can be used to carry your child without using the shoulder straps.

Newborn safety

For the newborn's safety, up to 6 months old, when using the EvöAir, the HipGö can be attached on the sides of the baby carrier just like when using it without its shoulder straps, but this time without tightening the straps so as to avoid putting tension in the baby's back. The HipGö's purspose is only to keep the baby carrier closed to prevent the baby from falling on either side.


The HipGö is an innovative accessory created to meet the needs of modern parents who want freedom of movement while keeping baby close. Simple to use and compatible with all Chimpäroo structured baby carriers, the HipGö allows you to hold your baby effortlessly, comfortably seated on the hip of the carrier. Please note that this accessory does not allow for hands-free carrying. It is important to always have an arm available to hold baby's back.


  • From 6 months of age or when the baby can sit up.
  • Belt with lumbar support to carry the baby on the hip without the straps.
  • Ideal for carrying an active baby who does not want too much proximity.
  • Convenient in hot weather to allow a little distance.
  • Designed in Canada.
  • Patent pending.

Compatible models with the HipGö

The HipGö is included with the EvöAir models.

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