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PäNo - Chimparoo
PäNo - Chimparoo
PäNo - Chimparoo
PäNo - Chimparoo



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The PäNo is an esthetic accessory that replaces the standard PäNo included with the EvöAir. It allows you to change the appearance of your baby carrier easily and for little money. You can have as many PäNos as you like. New collections regularly make their debut, allowing you to vary your baby carrier's looks.


  • Can be used from birth with no restriction in age or weight.
  • Compatible with the 4 colours available for the EvöAir (Lava-Luna-Mars-Venus)
  • Winter collection available with a PäNo lined with polar fleece.
  • Possibilities of personnalized designs on demand.
  • Designed in Canada. Limited edition.

Models compatible with the PaNö

  • EvöAir


The PäNo is used by closing the two side zippers and bottom snap buttons. It can be completely removed or simply left open (for example, to cool down your baby). The zippers and snap button system is compatible with every PäNo offered. Contact us to have your own personnalized PäNo. Each is handmade by a local artisan.

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