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PoäPo - Chimparoo

Baby wraps


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The PoäPo has all the advantages of the envelopment and comfort of the baby wrap but does away with the knotting techniques. It's a ready-to-wear baby wrap, ideal for skin-to-skin.


  • From birth to 20 months (8 to 30 lb - 3 to 15 kg).
  • Made in a single size and adjustable using its rings.
  • Easy installation in 3 steps. A ready-to-wear wrap
  • 4 carrying positions according to age, level of arousal and activity.
  • Reversible wrap to please mommies and daddies. It turns into a bag
  • Illustration signed by Natasha Prévost.
  • Made of 100% organic knit cotton.
  • Designed in Canada

Because of the transportation and manipulation required to make a baby wrap, it should always be washed before its first use. A first wash will also help to strengthen the fibres of the textile. We recommend washing it by hand in lukewarm water with a mild soap, ideally a no-rinse soap. Lay flat to dry and do not iron. Avoid sunlight and heat sources to protect its colour.

Tummy to tummy

From Birth

Carrying your baby tummy to tummy is a position where the baby is held in a crouched position and is the most adequate method for carrying a newborn at least up to the age of 4 months. Your baby's back is kept well-rounded, as if still in the womb, while his knees are pulled upwards and his feet pointing down. This position is the same as when practicing skin-to-skin with your baby, which becomes possible as soon as he is at least 8 pounds, safely and easily. This crouched position will give him the comfort necessary to his sense of emotional security and is known to be beneficial to the development of his bones and joints.

Facing the world

From 4 months and up

This carrying position needs your baby to be able to hold his head up by himself. It should be said that this position is not ideal, as it is less ergonomical than tummy-to-tummy and can be overly stimulating for your baby. Should you still like to use this position, keep its use to periods of 20 to 30 minutes at most and regularly verify your baby's blood flow to his legs. This is done by observing the colour of his skin, which should be pinkish rather than blueish. Should his feet get cold, this could also be a sign of difficulties with his blood circulation and you should set him in a different position. Tilt his pelvis as far forward as possible to move his knees as high up as possible and deepen his seating.

The cradle

From Birth

This position is specific to the newborn and will be done in the first weeks of the baby's life. From the moment your baby begins to unfold his legs and push into the baby carrier, you have to do the portage position in front with the legs extended.

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