The Benefits of Babywearing: An Invaluable Connection with Baby

The Benefits of Babywearing for Baby and Mom: Testimony from Laurie Thiboutot

Laurie wearing her baby with the Chimparoo TREK 2.0

Today, I want to share my personal experience and some discoveries about the benefits of babywearing, a practice that has truly helped me as a new mom. I'm not an expert, but I've become a fan of babywearing since my daughter Arielle was 2 weeks old. In this article, I'll share the benefits for your baby and you of this wonderful tool and why I love using Chimparoo baby carriers.

The Benefits of Babywearing for Baby

Facilitates Digestion Personally, I've seen a significant improvement in colic thanks to babywearing! Since the baby is placed in a vertical position, it's easier for them to eliminate gas compared to lying down. Therefore, fewer tummy aches in the evening​ (Hospital for Special Surgery)​​ (Messy Mom Helper)​.

Natural Soother

Carrying your baby close to you offers an unparalleled sense of security and comfort. Babies who are worn are often calmer and cry less. Skin-to-skin contact, rocking, and your body heat help soothe and comfort your baby​ (WeTheParents)​​ (Messy Mom Helper)​. It probably reminds them of their environment in your womb before birth​ (Autour du Lien)​. Chimparoo baby carriers are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort for your little treasure, thanks to their soft and ergonomic fabrics that respect the baby's physiology.

Aids in Physical and Cognitive Development

Bibs and shoulders strap for baby carrier

Wearing your baby helps develop their neck and back muscles, much like "tummy time" without completely replacing it. It's even said to help develop their sense of balance​ (Hospital for Special Surgery)​​ (Messy Mom Helper)​. And since worn babies are less often lying down, babywearing also reduces the risk of flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly)​ (WeTheParents)​​ (Messy Mom Helper)​. Additionally, babywearing allows your baby to discover the world from a safe position. Being at adult height, they can observe and interact with their environment differently​ (Naître et grandir, site web et magazine)​​ (Arche de Néo)​. Chimparoo baby carriers, with their practical and ergonomic designs, facilitate this exploration while ensuring a healthy position for the development of the baby's hips and spine​ (Le quatrième trimestre)​.

Promotes Sleep

Babywearing helps the baby feel soothed, which helps regulate their nervous system and sleep. Of course, babywearing is not a magic tool for making your baby "sleep through the night," but it’s a wonderful tool for daytime naps and even for putting your baby to sleep in the evening​ (Autour du Lien)​. I've noticed that my daughter takes longer naps when being worn and wakes up in a better mood. Especially when we enjoy the fresh air outside.

The Benefits of Babywearing for Mom

Strengthens the Parent-Child Bond

Having a child was not part of my plans. I had enormous difficulties connecting with my baby during pregnancy. I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to love my child, so I researched what I could do to create this bond at birth. I had read that babywearing helped strengthen the attachment bond​ (Tidoo)​. It allows you to better understand your baby and be more responsive to their needs and thus respond more quickly. And how could you not build a strong bond spending part of the day snuggled up with your baby?

Positive Effect on Mental Health

Having been treated for anxiety and depression in the past, doctors were concerned that I might develop postpartum depression. It was even written in my file "HIGH RISK OF POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION." I've received at least 5 calls from nurses or social workers inquiring about my mental health since giving birth. To be 100% honest, I'm sure that having my daughter often on me thanks to babywearing helps my mental health​ (Messy Mom Helper)​. I did some research, and indeed; moms who practice babywearing suffer less from depression than those who don't. Interesting, right? I've also noticed that babywearing improves my confidence in my maternal abilities. Seeing my daughter calm down simply because she is against me makes me feel more competent and boosts my self-confidence. It also helps me follow my instincts.

Promotes Breastfeeding

ring sling Chimparoo

Having your baby against you throughout the day helps secrete the right hormones to establish good breastfeeding. Additionally, it is also possible to breastfeed while babywearing (using a ring sling, for example)​ (Messy Mom Helper)​. This allows you to feed your baby discreetly and comfortably, wherever you are. Chimparoo baby carriers are perfect for this as they offer the necessary support to position your baby correctly and safely during breastfeeding.

Practicality and Mobility

Babywearing makes everyday life much easier. Whether you're at home, running errands, or walking, having a baby carrier allows you to keep your baby close while keeping your hands free​ (Hospital for Special Surgery)​​ (Autour du Lien)​. Chimparoo baby carriers are easy to use and adapt to all situations, giving you the freedom to move around while keeping your baby safe and happy. I especially appreciate my Trek 2.0 for going to Costco and grocery shopping since it sets up in no time, summer or winter!

The Big Question: Will I spoil my baby by carrying them too much?

NO! Never! Babywearing allows the baby to have more confidence in their parents and themselves. This confidence will enable them to become independent. Contrary to what one might think, babywearing can help, not hinder, our child's independence (when they are old enough to be independent)​ (Naître et grandir, site web et magazine)​.

Moreover, Africa is one of the continents where babywearing is most practiced. Do their babies become "spoiled children" because of it? NO, their children develop normally and often have immense maturity for their age.

The Advantages of Chimparoo Baby Carriers

TREK 2.0 baby carrier

Chimparoo is a brand I particularly love for its high-quality baby carriers. They are made with durable materials and offer unmatched comfort for the wearer and the baby. Chimparoo models are also very versatile, with several carrying positions possible to adapt to the age and needs of your child. I particularly love their Trek 2.0 and ring sling carriers.

So, this was just a small sharing based on my experiences and research as a passionate mom. If you want to discover all the benefits of babywearing, I highly recommend trying Chimparoo baby carriers. They have transformed my babywearing experience and helped me create unforgettable moments with my daughter.

To learn more about Chimparoo products, visit their website and discover how a good baby carrier can make a big difference in your and your baby's life.

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