A Winning Collaboration Leads to a Premium Product

L'écharpe de portage prête à porter de Chimpäroo-bblüv le Snüg


Natasha Prévost

You love the beauty and the artisanal creations unique to our corner of the world. You're among those who admire and believe in the talent and skills of Québec's artists and their harmonious relation to our culture.

Much like you, and because we're also creators in search of inspiration, we were on the lookout for something different that would connect to our values and and image we could identify with. More than a year ago, we've met with Natasha Prévost. Her talent has allowed us to discover a visual style we love; A a simple simple and gentle that inspires wellbeing by making reference to nature; A style rich and noble, luxuriant and scrumptious that aspires to a life filled with moments where one can enjoy the present, its beauty and the pleasure of the senses. It's with simplicity that Natasha brings us into the soothing calmness and relaxation found in a precious and privileged moment.

This exceptionnal artist, who's also a mother, speaks to our values and aspirations with a unique pattern especially designed to represent the beauty of carrying a baby. We present it to you through aour new baby carrier, the Snüg.  

Natasha is a caring artist, one-of-a-kind, and open to the exploration of different techniques and mediums like drawing, acrylic and watercolor painting, line art, photography, video and embroidery. Her style is varied, soft and natural. She creates gorgeous art with love and care which pictures can't possibly do justice to.

She has partnerships and collaborations with several local businesses in addition to managing her own webshop.

Her Instagram account is impressive and captivating with its awesome, inspiring and creative content. She's attracted admirers by sharing with her 23000 followers her daily creations and her bouts of photography and videos from her daily life.


Illustrator : printed illustrations, postcards, wall stickers, wallpaper, decor, cloth diapers, children's books, bag



L'écharpe de portage prête à porter de Chimpäroo-bblüv le Snüg

The bblüv Group

Chimpäroo has entered a new era. After 15 years of passion and tireless work, after tackling several challenges and acquiring ever-growing competances, Chimpäroo has reached extraordinary growth by joining with a powerful partner in our industry.

Chimpäroo is proud to present its partner, bblüv Group, a growing business reknowned for offering parents modern and innovative products to help them in their role.

bblüv offers a wide variety of products to take care of babies and infants, keep them safe, feeding them, going outside and playing with them. You'll enjoy their products' unique designs that have already found their place in millions of customers' homes worldwide. Vous apprécierez le design unique des produits qui ravie des millions de clients à travers le monde.  Indeed, bblüv is distributed in over 40 countries thanks to a well-established, ever-developing distribution network.  

bblüv now collaborates with Chimpäroo on the development and distribution of new baby carrier collections chosen and created with a combination of expertise and experience that will ensure its success.

You can now enjoy the Snüg's first collection, the very first baby carrier created in partnership between  Chimpäroo and bblüv, now available on our website and select retailers and soon throughout the entire distribution network.

The Snüg is a baby carrier meant to answer the need for a carrier akin to baby wraps but without the need to learn knots or ties so as to make it easier to use. It's a baby wrap that is put on like a t-shirt but is ajustable to every size and usable in many positions.

Natasha Prévost is the inspiration of its colors and patterns. We're offering it in 4 colors and a reversible bag with one patterned side and one solid side.

Discover the Snüg and keep an eye on us to discover our next amazing products!