7 Criteria to Choose Your Baby Carrier or Wrap

While we often buy a baby carrier to make our lives easier, choosing one can sometimes be a real headache. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect model for you and your baby!

1. Do you prefer a baby wrap or a structured baby carrier?

There are two great families of babywearing products: the Baby Wrap (long, adjustable or ready-to-wear) and the Structured Baby Carrier. The baby wrap is without a doubt the first choice for baby because of its softness and closeness to the parent, it offers unequalled comfort and reassurance. However, it requires some learning and training to be used properly and its use is limited as the baby grows. By watching a few videos on our YouTube channel, you can learn how to use it: videos for the Woven, Ajustable, Stretchy or Snüg Baby Wrap.

The structured sling, on the other hand, has a belt and buckles on each side of the central panel for a quick and easy adjustment. It distributes baby's weight over the shoulders and hips for longer wearer comfort. Very versatile, it is easy to use but allows for more limited wrapping, positions and adjustment compared to a baby wrap.

Finally, the Mei Tai Max and Mei Tai Air are hybrid baby carriers, between a wrap and a structured baby carrier. They are easy to use, allow you to spread the load over the whole body and their fabrics are very soft!

La polyvalence du EvöAir conviendrait parfaitement aux parents actifs!

The versatility of the EvöAir is perfect for active parents!

2. What are your babywearing needs?

Yes, babywearing can help you perform a wide variety of tasks and make your daily life easier, but you still need to choose the right carrier to do it! Would you like to be able to go hiking, walk outside in winter, do household chores?

3. A baby carrier adapted to your morphology and baby's comfort!

There are baby carriers that are designed to be comfortable and safe with small babies under 18 months (example: Stretchy sling, Snüg, PöpNGo) while other baby carriers are made for babies over 18 months (example: Mei Tai will be comfortable until about 2-3 years old, or 45 lbs and for more support, prefer the Multi 2.0, EvöAir or Bambino which can be used until 4-5 years old, or 65 lbs of the child).

As for your morphology, the belt of the structured baby carriers can be adjusted between 68 cm and 165 cm. An extension can be made if this is not enough. The belt and straps can be extended. The straps of the Mei Tai are 2 meters long and thanks to its knotting method, it can fit all sizes. The Mei Tai and PöpNGo belts fit between 55 and 155 cm. The Stretch Scarf and the Ring Sling Air are a little longer to fit all sizes. The Snüg, the woven Ring Sling are offered in 2 sizes and the woven scarves in 4 sizes.

For more information on choosing the right sling or wrap for your body type, read our frequently asked questions.

A family enjoying a short hike.

A family enjoying a short hike (woven baby wrap on the left).

4. How long will your product last?

Are you buying for long hikes or a large family? Be aware that the number of accessories on your baby carrier will have an impact on its maintenance and therefore influence its lifetime. More elaborate models require more adjustments, which inevitably leads to wear and tear. In comparison, the woven baby wrap is almost eternal!

5. What temperature for which baby wrap?

During the warm season, just like inside an overheated building, the choice of baby carrier will directly influence your comfort and that of your baby. Made from light fabrics and with fewer layers of fabric, the long wrap and the Mei Tai will be more comfortable to wear than the thicker and often warmer structured baby carriers. However, the EvöAir and the Air versions of several models are made of mesh, a material that allows air to pass through and is perfect for wearing under a stream of water!

Breastfeeding with the stretch baby wrap

Breastfeeding with the stretch baby wrap

6. Do you plan to breastfeed?

Although this question may surprise new users, you should know that the long wrap and the Ring Sling, allow you to breastfeed without any problems.

7. What is your budget?

A baby carrier with an elaborate, high-performance structure and various accessories is a good investment. Therefore, the price is usually higher. Before buying a baby carrier, it is important to think about how you want to use it. From the most affordable to the most expensive, we find the Stretchy sling, the Snüg, the ring slings, the PöpNGo, the woven slings, the Mei Tai (also known as Meh Dai), then the structured baby carriers such as the Bambinos, the Multi 2.0, and finally the EvöAir

We hope that these tips have been able to orient you well! If you are new to babywearing, we recommend that you visit a store, which will give you the opportunity to try out different baby carriers and wraps and discover which one seems the most intuitive and easiest to use. Take the time to explore them, to try them out. If you can figure out how to use it before it's even explained to you, chances are you've found THE model you need!

We remain available at all times to guide you and answer your questions. Contact us on the Messenger of our Facebook page or by email at info@chimparoo.ca.

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